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Multi-weapons carrying case

Multi-weapons carrying case--A small carrying case to carry your long and multi weapons. sword, broadsword, staff, spear, nunchaku, fan and more. 

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This multi-weapons carrying case, there are five compartment, two main inside compartments are holding sword or broadsword,samurai sword or boken they can hold two straight swords or two broad swords or one straight and one broadsword. The outside side pocket can hold a staff up to 7 feet tall. there are another two compartments which you can put you fan, dagger or other small weapons in them. This is a small carrying case but you can put most of your weapons in it. It is made of heavy canvas. adjustable shoulder strape and zipper closure. size:43" (length)x6" (width)x2" (side). The Chinese charactor "Wu" means wushu, martial arts or kung fu.