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Wu Dang M-A-18TH Ways of Wudang Boxing Movement

Wu Dang M-A-18TH Ways of Wudang Boxing Movement

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18TH Ways of Wudang Boxing Movement Wudang Boxing originated from Taoism’s holy land Wudang Mountain. It, a famous school in Chinese martial art, was called Internal Cultivating Boxing Movement in tradition. To exalt Wudang martial art, and to reappear its greatness, Mr Yue Wu summarizes the essences of the Internal Cultivating Boxing Movement, and writes the 18th ways of Wudang Boxing Movement under the support of local government and the martial art association of Shiyan City. The movements involve more than 10 kinds of boxing schools, like Free Boxing Movement, Positive Boxing Movement, Five Ways of Taiyi Boxing Movement, Natural Schools, Tai Chi passed down secretly, Eight Steps of Dragon Palm Movement, Taihe Boxing Movement, Zhaobao Tai Chi, etc. This boxing movement combines keeping fit, wrestle and performing together. The actions are rarely seen in common internal cultivating boxing movement in society. The movements emphasizes nature, puts actions in still, alternates between negative and positive, bears both hard and soft, and resists quick attack with slow strength. Its way of moving is so unique that it show the marvelous skills in internal school. It can be performed in a small room. Chinese with subtitles in English and Chinese.