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Wu Dang Kung Fu-eight drunken immortals sword play

Wu Dang Kung Fu-eight drunken immortals sword play

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The eight drunken immortals swordplay mode in wudang came from the mien of eight immortals in Taoism (Han Zhongli, Lu Dongbing, Tie Guaili, Zhang Guolao, He Xian'gu, Lan Chaihe, Cao Guojiu, Han Xiangzi). In the swordplay, the body is drunken but not steps; steps drunken but not mind; mind drunken but not spirit. Body waves about from the left to the right, like clouds when slow; like rushing thunder when rapid. Hardness getting together with softness, it is hard to distinguish whether false or true. Cantus says:" full of oddity, it turned over, birds flushed away; it not moistened when rolling on the floor; slow like light wind without seeing the sword; within the innumerable changes, sword light seen but not people." Practicing the sword as if the miens of the eight immortals when drunk; the sword techniques are easily changeable, its postures like swimming dragon playing the pearls. Wudang disciple named You Xiaolong demonstrated this routine of sword, coached by the fourteenth generation headmaster of wudang Internal Boxing ---You Xuande. Chinese with subtitles in English and Chinese.